Protect Package

2-bedroom protection against break-ins for Standard Sized Homes 


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- Perfect home security for the perfect home - yours.
- Immediate emergency alerts - Phone call, text message, app notification, and email
- No monthly fees
- No set-up costs
- No contracts
- IFTTT-compatible
- Voice control with the Amazon Alexa iSmartAlarm Skill
- Quick DIY installation
- Controlled via the award-winning iSmartAlarm app for iPhone and Android
- Affordable, intelligent & expandable!
Includes 1 CubeOne™, 6 Contact Sensors for doors and windows, 5 Motion Sensors, 3 Remote Tags, and iSmartAlarm window decals.

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About the iSmartAlarm Protect Package

The website-exclusive Protect Package is perfect for most 2-3 bedroom homes - Included in the package are 6 Contact Sensors for doors or windows, 5 Motion Sensors for rooms and hallways, and 3 Remote Tags for in-home control.  The Android and iPhone security apps communicate with your CubeOne™ (the hub of the iSmartAlarm system) to keep you up-to-date on all activity and security in your home.  The CubeOne™ connects to your home's router and will notify you of anything occuring in your home.  All other devices and sensors are wireless and battery-operated.  The iSmartAlarm system can be expanded to control an almost unlimited number of iSmartAlarm sensors, devices, and cameras as well.

iSmartAlarm is the leader in DIY, self-monitored, self-controlled home security systems.  There are no monthly fees and no contracts at all.  The free iSmartAlarm apps allow users to arm and disarm their security system at any time, from anywhere, in real-time.  The app shows who is at home, when family members left or returned, and the status of every sensor and device.  Users can set up custom modes and alerts to monitor for specific activity as well.

Users receive instant emergency notification with phone calls, SMS messages,* push notifications and emails when iSmartAlarm sensors detect unauthorized activity, and the user can immediately view the home's status and safety in real time.  The system is easily expandable and all iSmartAlarm devices, sensors, and cameras can be added to the Preferred Package for complete and customized home security.

*Phone call and SMS not available in area codes 867 or 907


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Contact Sensor

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Motion Sensor

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Remote Tag

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Smart Switch

Satellite Siren



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