Flexible Smart Home Video Bundle Preferred Package + 2 Spot Smart Home Security Cameras

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  • Add the HD Spot video camera to the smart home security of iSmartAlarm.  
  • Free emergency alert notifications - Phone call, text message, app push notification, email
  • No monthly fees, No set-up costs, No contracts
  • IFTTT-compatible
  • Do-it-yourself quick installation
  • Affordable, intelligent & expandable!
  • Controlled via the iSmartAlarm app available for iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Includes 1 CubeOne™ (with 110 dB siren built-in), 2 Contact Sensors, 1 Motion Sensor, 2 Spot Smart Home Security Cameras, 2 Remote Tags, and 4 iSmartAlarm window decals.

How iSmartAlarm Security Systems Work

iSmartAlarm is the leader in DIY smart home security, with no monthly fees and no contracts.  Using free award-winning iPhone and Android iSmartAlarm apps, users can arm and disarm their security system at any time, from anywhere, in real-time.  Families can make sure their home is safe whether they are at work, on vacation, or just out and about on a nice Saturday.  Users receive instant emergency notification with phone calls, SMS message, push notifications and emails when iSmartAlarm sensors detect unauthorized activity, and can immediately view the home's status and safety in real time if there's an emergency. 

The Spot HD video home security camera is designed to work as a Wi-Fi camera and also with the iSmartAlarm Home Security System.  Two Spots are included with the website-exclusive Flexible Smart Home Video Bundle, and can be placed anywhere in the house to monitor for dangers.  Spot's Sound Recognition feature sends immediate notifications if it detects the sound of a triggered Smoke Alarm or CO Detector sire in your home.  Spot also records customizable Time Lapse videos, provides free cloud and local video storage (up to 32gB MicroSD, not included), HD night vision, and the system allows multi-iCamera support for visibility of the whole home through a easy-to-use app.  Spot is AC-powered and can be quickly and easily mounted on a wall or set on a shelf or table - You can point your Spot cameras in almost any direction with the easy-to-setup adjustable legs.

The system is expandable with all iSmartAlarm devices, sensors, and cameras - Up to 80 can be added for complete and customized home security.


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Contact Sensor

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Motion Sensor

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Remote Tag

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Smart Switch

Satellite Siren



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