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Contact Sensors (2 pack) Protect doors, windows, cabinets, drawers, and more.

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  • Monitor doors and windows remotely
  • Portable/Removable and Moveable
  • Wireless
  • Battery-Powered
  • Attached with strong double-sided adhesive
  • The limit for any combination of Sensors or Accessories that you can add to your iSmartAlarm Home Security System's CubeOne™ is 70
  • For use on anything that opens and closes - doors, windows, liquor or medicine cabinets, drawers, safes, cookie jars, etc
  • Requires our CubeOne™ central hub found in all of our Smart Home Security Packages

About Contact Sensors

Contact Sensors come in a 2-pack and provide additional security for your smart home security system from iSmartAlarm.  Contact Sensors are easy to place (battery-operated and attached with double-sided tape) at any door or window in your home to make sure you know when someone enters or leaves.  With the CubeOne™ communicating with your Contact Sensors (and other devices and sensors), you can customize settings such as door chimes and safety push notifications and the volume of the 110 dB siren that is built into the CubeOne™.  Your CubeOne™ will notify you immediately when a door or window is opened or closed.

Contact Sensors are great for making sure that dangerous areas are protected as well – They work perfectly on knife drawers, medicine cabinets, cleaning supply storage, hall closets, junk drawers, gun safes, and more.


How They Work