Spot (4 pack)

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Spot's Key Features

      1. Sound Recognition  
        • Safety Alerts (identifies and notifies you of carbon monoxide and smoke alarm sirens) 
        • 2-way audio (Have conversations with your pets while your away.) 
        • Motion Detection (receive push notification alerts when Motion or Audio are detected and set sensitivity settings associated with alerts.)
      2. Storage 
        • Free Cloud Recording - Up to 30 ten second clips (after that, they will automatically overwrite, first in first out)
        • Local video storage (up to 32 GB with MicroSD card - MicroSD card not included)
      3. Live HD streaming feeds & WiFi Connectivity 
        • Instant Access via iPhone or Android Device
        • Time Lapse 
        • Night Vision  
        • Works as a stand alone Wi-Fi camera works with the iSmartAlarm Home Security System's CubeOne (Brain of the system) - Add up to 10 Spots to a CubeOne or add as many Spots as your router's bandwidth will support as a stand alone setup).
        • Supports 2.4GHz WiFi signals; Does not support 5GHz Wifi signals
      4. Easy DIY Installation 
        • Flexible/Adjustable legs on a magnetic base that allow for easy wall or shelf placement.
        • Voice Guided Installation
      5. $0 in Monthly Fees & $0 in Set-Up Costs

About Spot Security Cameras: The Best Smart Home Security Cameras EVER

Spot is a Wi-Fi smart home camera, but WAY more than that.  Easy to use, packed with capabilities, and affordable - Spot cameras are your watchdogs, your ears, your intercom, your link to your home, and your new family members. 

With Spot’s Sound Recognition feature, you don’t need to buy a new expensive smart home CO monitor or smoke alarm for every room in your house – Spot does all the work for you.  When your regular old smoke alarm or carbon monoxide monitor are triggered, Spot will recognize the pattern of the siren sounds they make and send you notifications telling you EXACTLY what the problem is (and which Spot is reporting the emergency).

Spot cameras have all the features you would need from a DIY home security camera — HD resolution streaming video, motion detection, audio detection, 2-way audio, night vision, 4x zoom, free cloud video recording AND local video storage (local storage requires MicroSD card - not included)

All iSmartAlarm cameras work as stand-alone Wi-Fi smart home and security cameras, and can also be linked with the iSmartAlarm Home Security System. You can add as many Spots as you need for whole home protection and visibility too - Up to 10 can be linked to your system and controlled with your app. You can control Spots in multiple locations (such as at your office and at your home) through the same app! The iSmartAlarm's CubeOne acts as the brain and hub of the system, allowing iSmartAlarm devices and sensors to communicate back to the user through cloud technology.


What is Spot?


Spot's Audio Features


Spot is Easy to Set Up and Easy to Use

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