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Remote Tag Control your system at home without your smartphone

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Control the system while you’re at home without opening the iSmartAlarm app.  Give a Remote Tag to visitors or friends and receive notifications and trigger the siren in the CubeOne™ in case of a fall or medical emergency.  (CubeOne required)

About Remote Tags

Use the Remote Tag within your local network to control the iSmartAlarm Home Security System without your cell phone.  Easy to carry attached to your keyring, you can arm, disarm, set the system to Home, or trigger the panic siren to notify neighbors and members of your network of danger or medical emergencies.  Triggering the panic will send push notifications to everyone in your network that something is amiss.  You can assign Remote Tags to individuals as well, so you know who is in danger.  Remote Tags are a perfect way to allow visitors and workers access to your system without granting them full control of the iSmartAlarm app.  If a Remote Tag is lost or stolen, you can deactivate it from your app and make certain it cannot be used for your system again.  


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