Contact Sensors (2 pack) Protect doors, windows, cabinets, drawers, and more. Add as many as you need to protect yourself against break-ins, find out what doors or windows are open, and receive instant notifications in case of intrusion.
Motion Sensor The Motion Sensor monitors for movement in a 90° field of view up to 30 feet away. When movement is detected, your Motion Sensor communicates with the CubeOne™ to send you notifications and/or set off the alarm siren immediately.

Keypad The Keypad provides access to your system from within your home when you don’t want to open your app. With programmable codes, customizable Modes, and an easy-to-see 10-key layout with status lights, the iSmartAlarm Keypad puts complete control at your fingertips.
Remote Tag Control the system when you’re at home without opening the iSmartAlarm app! Now with rubber buttons to minimize accidental presses and extend battery life. Give a Remote Tag to visitors or friends and receive notifications and trigger the siren in the CubeOne™ in case of a fall or medical emergency.
Smart Switch You can control appliances and electronics from anywhere. Turn off dangerous appliances after you've left the house and set schedules to turn your lamps on so you never have to walk into a dark home again.

iCamera KEEP 350°x40° motorized pan and tilt controls with HD resolution, motion and audio detection, and on-demand streaming video control. The iCamera KEEP provides comprehensive home visibility with free video capture and storage.

Packages & Bundles Contents

Bundle 1 3 1 1 1
Bundle 1 2 1 2 1
Package 1 2 1 2
Package 1 4 1 2
Package 1 3 1 1
Package 1 4 3 3
Package 1 6 5 3
Package 1 8 7 3