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  • Picture of Remote Tag

    Remote Tag

    Use the Remote Tag within your local network to control the iSmartAlarm Home Security System without your cell phone. Arm, Disarm, set to Home, and set off the Panic siren to notify neighbors and members of your network of danger or medical emergencies. Rubber keys provide easy control, prevent accidental button presses, and extend battery life for up to two years. Give a Remote Tag to visitors or friends and allow them access to your home while still keeping your home secure.

    $24.99 (USD)

  • Picture of Motion Sensor

    Motion Sensor

    The Motion Sensor is an essential part of your home security, and monitors for movement in a 90° field of view up to 30 feet away. When movement is detected, your Motion Sensor communicates with the CubeOne to send you notifications and/or set off the alarm siren immediately. It is wireless, battery-powered, and easily mounted on the wall with double-sided adhesive.

    $34.99 (USD)

  • Picture of Guard Package

    Guard Package

    Keep the perimeter of your apartment secure. Expanded coverage includes motion sensors for movement in your home. Save 20% now when you refer a friend!

    $353.96 (USD)

  • Picture of Keypad


    Control your system while you’re at home without opening the iSmartAlarm app. It’s easy to grant permission with custom codes you can assign to users. Codes can be programmed to work only during certain days and times, so you can rest assured that only the right people can access your system when they should. Modes can be customized to control any devices you want and there is a quick Siren trigger button in case of emergency. Perfect for the front door, back door, garage, or anywhere else in your home.

    $59.99 (USD)

  • Picture of Starter Package

    Starter Package

    Our entry-level Starter Package was designed for those that are new to DIY Smart Home Security. Keep the perimeter of your apartment or 1 bedroom home secure. Enjoy the convenience of adding additional accessories or smart home security cameras to your security system at any time!

    $149.99 (USD)

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