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    Keypad $719.88 $59.99


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    iCamera KEEP Pro $1,799.91 With Coupon: $100.00 Regular Price: $199.99


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  • Picture of Spot (2 Pack)

    Spot (2 Pack)

    Spot supports a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection that provides access to 720p HD streaming video, night vision, Time Lapse custom videos, 2-way audio, Sound Recognition, digital zoom, motion and sound alerts, free Cloud recording (does not require the use of a MicroSD card) and local video storage (requires use of MicroSD card - MicroSD card not included), and more! Spot has voice guided setup and fits into any home with it's flexible and adjustable legs on a magnetic base that allow for easy wall or tabletop placement.


  • Picture of Starter Package

    Starter Package

    Our entry-level Starter Package was designed for those that are new to DIY Smart Home Security. Keep the perimeter of your apartment or 1 bedroom home secure. Enjoy the convenience of adding additional accessories or smart home security cameras to your security system at any time!


  • Picture of Smart Home Video Bundle

    Smart Home Video Bundle

    Add smart home video controls and visibility to the home security of iSmartAlarm. With 1280x720 HD resolution, sound recognition of smoke and CO alarm sirens, motion and sound detection, and on-demand streaming video control with free cloud video storage, Spot smart home camera provides comprehensive home visibility with the iSmartAlarm Smart Home Security System. 1 Spot smart home security camera is included with the website-exclusive Smart Home Video Bundle, and can be placed anywhere in the house to monitor for danger.


  • Picture of Plus Package

    Plus Package

    For homes that require the use of more than 2 Contact Sensors to aid in complete monitoring coverage of doors and windows in their home. Includes 1 CubeOne™, 3 Contact Sensors, 1 Motion Sensor, 1 Remote Tag, and iSmartAlarm window stickers.


  • Picture of Yard Sign

    Yard Sign

    Deter burglars and break-ins with the weatherproof and long-lasting iSmartAlarm yard sign and window decals.