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    Keypad $719.88 $59.99


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  • Picture of Motion Sensor

    Motion Sensor

    The Motion Sensor is an essential part of your home security, and monitors for movement in a 90° field of view up to 30 feet away. When movement is detected, your Motion Sensor communicates with the CubeOne to send you notifications and/or set off the alarm siren immediately. It is wireless, battery-powered, and easily mounted on the wall with double-sided adhesive.


  • Picture of Plus Package

    Plus Package

    For homes that require the use of more than 2 Contact Sensors to aid in complete monitoring coverage of doors and windows in their home. Includes 1 CubeOne™, 3 Contact Sensors, 1 Motion Sensor, 1 Remote Tag, and iSmartAlarm window stickers.


  • Picture of Smart Switch

    Smart Switch

    The Smart Switch plugs into your wall outlet and gives you the ability to control appliances and electronics from your Android or iPhone. Make certain potentially dangerous appliances are turned off after you've left the house, set schedules to turn your lamps and lighting on or off depending on your needs, and make certain you never have to walk into a dark home again. (To get your 20% off coupon code just click the floating widget on the left side of your screen that says "SAVE 20% NOW.)


  • Picture of Guard Package

    Guard Package

    Keep the perimeter of your apartment secure. Expanded coverage includes motion sensors for movement in your home.


  • Picture of Shield Package

    Shield Package

    Comprehensive coverage for every window, door, room and space in your home. Perfect for a large home or any house that has a lot of potential entry points and things you want to monitor.