icube is beeping 3 times when using app on mobile

Posted: 9 months ago Quote #20078

When I use my tag remote, the cube is beeping once to aknowledge the command given.

If I use the android app on my phone, the cube is beeping 3 consecutive times.

Not only those beeps are annoying. I would have like a setting to completly silence the cube when it receives command, but now it is even more chatty than usual.

Posted: 9 months ago Quote #20079
Yep. It’s the same for all of us. Has been for months and iSmart (if there is anyone left) are doing nothing to fix it or communicate updates to their user base as per usual. They’ll sell you a motion sensor for 50% off though, so someone somewhere is boxing hardware and putting a label on it. They’ll still take your money.
Posted: 9 months ago Quote #20080
It's funny because some users have been asking for years for a truly silent arm/disarm mode where no noise at all comes out of the CubeOne at all.  Instead now it makes three sets of beeps instead of one.

The KEEP Pro isn't available anymore on the website, and the KEEP is out of stock.  I think it is only a matter of time now.